Friday, March 25, 2011

So today we traveled to Moab. We hit some seriously snowy weather entering Salt Lake City and it stayed steady heavy snow and rain until we got about 20 miles out of Moab. I was really worried Moab would be covered with snow. But as we was rainy but warmer and no sign of snow!

Tomorrow's forecast is 58 degrees, mostly sunny in the morning, and mostly cloudy in the afternoon, to 98% cloudy around later afternoon/early evening (just when I'm finishing up the race). So the weather will be good for the run and my plan is for very short transitions so that I won't have time to get cold, especially in the later laps.

Tonight we had dinner at Zacs. Returned to the hotel and jumped in the hot tub for a bit to loosen up. Took a shower upon returning to the room then Greg helped out by giving me yet another back and neck massage. Still trying to loosen up my hip and the massages really help.

Will report back tomorrow night.

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