Friday, March 18, 2011

It's a Wall Ball, Pull-up Kinda Day.


Seven rounds for time of:
10 Wallball shots (14# to 10')
10 Pull-ups

I, of course, kipped my pull-ups though I'm pretty happy that I was doing 7-9 pull-ups in a row before jumping off the bar. There was 1 round that I was thinking of jumping off at 5, but I don't think I did...I think I held on until 6 then jumped off. All other rounds I held out until 7-8 or 9.

On the wall balls, I did the 14# wall ball to 10′ target which I had not done before. I've thrown the 16# ball to the 8' target, and a 12# ball to 10' target, but that extra 2# added a little more pain to the WOD. I ended up doing so many redos because of so many missed reps. Either the WB would end up under the R, or I would throw it high enough but it would not hit the friggin wall. Very frustrating. I even growled out loud in the gym when I missed 5 WB throws in a row! I was averaging at least 1/1 ratio of missed reps in rounds 1-4. Then, Tyler gave me some pointers which helped out tremendously. But for example of how bad this was - in round 7, I only had 6 missed reps total - and that was the fewest missed reps I had in a round!!'s how that went.

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