Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Crossfit and Training Run

Today's Crossfit was a lot of fun!

21-15-9, for time:
Box Jumps 20″
KB Swings 53

I didn't do great, just okay. Results: 10:18 w/ modifications
20″ box
Pull-ups (1st 12 in a row)
53# kb, russian (unbroken)
push-ups (1st 5 real, rest knee)
*Plan to work on full ROM of 53# KB swings, and need to work on real push ups!

I went to run my 2 hour hill training run today for Crossfit Endurance. I only made it to 1 hour, 24 minutes! I ran extremely slow and was exhausted with any elevation. I ended up walking quite a bit, and ran up all the hills - which is unusual for me - I love hills! I decided to go home instead of slugging through the run. Sad.

Additional Training
Walked around with a weight vest on. Walked up and down our stairs 12 times, and did 125 squats.

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