Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well I spent about 4 hours today going to, being seen by and undergoing treatment from various physicians for a potential staph infection in my hand as a result of a heavy hand workout from Crossfit on Friday.

As you can see from my self-portrait, my hands got pretty torn up after the CrossFit WOD. My right hand had a lot of blisters, but only one blister that popped. My right hand looked bad but felt good. My left hand, however had 2 popped blood blisters and a large tear from a blister on my ring finger. My left hand looked and felt horrible!

However, last night I had difficulty sleeping partly because I had restless legs, and partly because I could not get in a position that made my right hand feel better. Yep - my right hand!

When I woke, I took a good look at my right palm (just under the middle finger) and noticed the blister in the palm of my hand had filled with liquid. There was also redness and swelling from the blister up to the middle finger - about 1 inch in length. I pressed down on the blister and out came pus. Uh-oh, it's infected.

We contacted Greg's brother, Dr. Ed Perkins, who was able to see my wound via skype, and referred us to a Nampa physician, Dr. Richard Augustus. Dr. Augustus diagnosed a staph infection, though a culture will determine the exact type of bacteria located in the wound, and prescribed Bactrim. I will be on the antibiotic for 10 days. I hear some of the side affects include fatigue :( I'm in great shape and eat well so I hope fatigue will not be so bad as to interrupt my training.

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