Friday, April 8, 2011

Fool of April - Day of Skiing, Mtn Biking, Golf, Tennis, etc.

Today was a day of Fun including Crossfit, mountain biking, skiing, tennis, golf, and finally dinner! Here's how the day went:

Crossfit at 6:00 am
5 Rounds for time of:
250m Row
5 Back Squats , 65#
Because of time (I needed to leave by 6:50), I only did 4 rounds. It felt great, but should have done the final round since I had a good 10 minutes to spare! And I should have gone heavier on the backsquat -- 65# was really light!

Mountain Biking at 7:30 am
Mountain biked up 8th to connect to the reverse corals trail until we hit the trailhead for Bob's trail. Then we headed down Bob's. Bob's was fun but definitely had some muddy sections, several high level water crossings and one area of wash-way. I thought I would be cold on this trip but I had hand warmers in my hand, and continually wiggled my toes -- which remained cold but not painfully cold. Overall it was a great ride - our 1st ride of the season.

Skiing at 9:00 am
We headed up the hill at 9, and were skiing shortly after 10. The snow wasn't the best..well, it really wasn't very good. The group we were with kept going down groomer runs...but Sandra and I found some powder to ski in since we both really had groomed runs ;0 Before heading down the hill for tennis, we had a quick snack at the Lodge.

Tennis at 2:00 pm
Played doubles tennis at Crane Creek. I'm not a tennis player but my teammates were very helpful and impressed with my tenacity of hitting the ball. I really enjoyed the game, learning rules.

Golf at 3:30 pm
Played 9 holes of golf at Crane Creek at 3:30. I've had a few lessons, but am unfamiliar with the rules of the game and am very unskilled as I've barely played since the lessons I took well over 10 years ago. Had a great time. Loved to drive the ball; wasn't good at and didn't like putting.

Watching my son Coach Lacrosse game!! 6:30 pm. Cameron is a coach of Timberline JV Lacrosse. After golf, I picked up Greg (w/o changing clothes), then headed out to watch his game in Meridian -- in very cold weather :( Brrr..... They lost the game, but it was a very good game and Cameron learned a lot as a coach. I loved watching him being a coach!

After the game, we returned (again without changing clothes) to the country club for dinner, drinks and desert. Yum. But extremely expsensive.

Finally home by 11ish. Time to shower and rest :)

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