Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doing "Diane"

For today's Crossfit workout we did “Diane” which is

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift (heavy)
Handstand push-ups

Time: 12-something (I forgot my time)

I decided to go with 120# which is heavy enough for doing a total of 45 reps! And in comparison to a previous workout I did with high reps of deadlifts, I actually felt stronger today. I took fewer breaks and was able to link 5 and 6 at first, then down to 3 and 2 reps in the "15" round, and down to 2 and 1 in the "9" round. I probably should have done 125# though.

Shoulder workouts are not my strength and HSPU are not my thing. So my wimpy self decided to try the whole workout doing the handstand pushups with piked with toes on a 24" box and full extension. Well..that didn't work out so well. I ended up doing 7 with toes on box because I just could not release my shoulders to hit my head on the ground. That was frustrating. So I switched over to knees on box and worked on proper, as knees on box HSPU are too easy.

On the way home I decided to include in my warm up or cool down:
- Light deadlifts to work on form. I think if I do this for a month, then my form will be automatic and then I just have to worry about weight.
- HSPU with knees on box to increase strength and work on form, followed by 5 HSPU with toes on box.

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