Monday, April 11, 2011

Another 21-15-9 WOD

Today's Crossfit WOD was yet another 21-15-9 WOD. But this one included

ring dips

This is NOT one of my favorite workouts cause I have to tweak the hell out of it...and I'm just about tired of doing the 21-15-9 scheme. But...going with the flow, I modified the workout as follows:

HSPU - knees on 24" box
Ring dips, jumping
Push-ups, regular.

Cuz I just can't do HSPU's, I placed my knees on a 24" box, placed my hands and body close to box for more of a vertical form and landed my head slightly above my hands placement -- like a wide upside down v. These were the easy part of the workout.

For my ring dips, I jumped up into the ring dip and slowly lowered myself down in a as-much-as-possible kinda control. So when is it a good rep or bad rep? How slow must I go to be a good rep? Plus, I don't really know if this is helping me develop ring dips at all. I think allowing me to use a tiny purple band would help me get strength and confidence I need to then eventually lose the band -- just like I did with my pullups. But, oh well...

I really suck at push-ups! So I was just planning to do my normal knee push-ups which are hard too. But then I chatted with my CrossFit friend Annie who was "planning" on doing real push-ups. Well I thought to myself - "I know she's stronger than me and can do real push-ups, but I'm only going to get stronger by doing them. So if Annie's going to do man push-ups, so will I". There. Plus, I had a new hand position I was going to try out. Maybe it won't be as hard?? So, 5 reps in and I realized that this was going to be a long workout :) Slowly but surely, I struggled through the man push-ups - concentrating on getting my hips up before shoulders, and keeping my core tight with a hollow body. Annie killed it - she finished like 10 + minutes ahead of me. Come to find out, Annie switched to knee push-ups after like her first 6 or 9. :'>

This bad-boy workout took me 21:50 to finish. I am wiped!

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