Saturday, April 17, 2010

Greg and Tammy - Strengths for Robie

Ha Ha!! It's funny that people say/think Greg and I are competing in the Race to Robie Creek. Friends/family have said to both of us that they expect me to beat Greg because I'm a runner.

First and foremost I am not in competition with Greg - we are each others biggest fans and they only thing we are racing is the clock. I've never thought of this race and asked myself if I could beat Greg to the end! My questions have always been whether I am recovered enough to run the race, and if I can run it, will I do a good job. Greg has always just wanted to "represent" well.

Second, I don't think people understand how Greg has been training or what he is capable of doing! They don't see him at CrossFit. If they saw him perform, they would think Greg has the capability of doing extremely well at this race! No, Greg is not the typical runner, and has not done typical typical training for Robie. He's added a few distance runs into his regimen - something like 8 to 10 runs of various distances but nothing totalling 13 miles. What I have seen is that he kicks my butt on every sprint workout we do and he flies on any downhill we run. Plus, he has this amazing ability to mentally endure far beyond what his body wants to do. It's a skill I have not yet acquired. So I think Greg will finish before me. Kick butt Greg!!!

As for me, I am good at endurance and hills, but have not trained for this race - it requires a much faster pace than the 10 minute pace I was working to maintain for my 53.7 mile Moab run. Robie is less of an endurance and more of a strength race. By the time I can calm into a pace the race will shift to the down. And running downhill is NOT my strength! I seem to run downhill with my brakes on :(

I am a runner just starting to get strength, and Greg is a strength guy just learning to run. How it ends up -- we'll find out soon!

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