Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready for Robie Creek Race?

Well, Robie Creek race is scheduled for next week Saturday (4/17) at noon. Am I ready?

The quick answer is NO!! I've run 2 times (less than 2 miles each) since my Ultra in Moab. I just don't understand -- I can CrossFit 4 days a week, go skiing and snowboarding, but my legs/hip/knee don't want to run.

My first attempt to run was with Greg on Wednesday night - 1/4 mile repeats up Kestrel x 3. Uphill I felt fine - though did not run too aggressively - partly because it is not the plan for me to run aggressively and partly because my legs are a little fatigued running. The downhill was terrible - feeling soreness in my hip and that same nagging left knee pain that slowed me to a walk during my Ultra! So, I stopped a few times and performed the squat that I performed during the Ultra that actually relieved the knee pain enough so I could run again -- and it worked. But only for the remainder of that downhill lap. Ugh!

I'm stretching out my hip and low back, rolling my back and IT band out with a foam roller, stretching my hip flexor to its max, and now taking anti-inflammatories to decrease any inflammation.

On Friday, I went out for a 1 mile run on the flats to check out my new orthotics. Again, my legs didn't want to run and my hip hurt during and after the run - though I had no knee pain - probably the result of no downhill action.

So, Robie will suck - as my legs are still too fatigued to do an adequate aggressive run on the up, and hip and left knee still too unhappy and painful to do an aggressive downhill. All in all - I do not suspect a great, or even, mediocre performance at Robie :( Bummer!

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