Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post Robie Bragging

I am very proud of achieving 1st place in my age division at the Race to Robie Creek. The race is a 13.1 mile run and coined the "toughest half-marathon in the Northwest". A 2000+ foot ascent up and over Aldape Summit and almost 2,000 foot descent. And since this is my blog...I'm going to brag and show a picture of my 1st place award (as well as other photos)!

It's hard to achieve, but I finished 1st in my age division (35-39), 25th overall female (out of 1100 females) and 218th overall across the finish line. And I didn't even prepare for this race! I had run a 53.7 mile trail run in Moab 3 weeks prior and didn't even know if my legs would run. I actually thought I might end up walking/running.

Greg after he finished Robie - soaking his feet in the icy cold water. I asked him to flex for this shot and he happily complied! Great legs, Greg! Greg did GREAT as well! He never ran a race, and did not prepare for this race as a runner - he prepared by doing CrossFit and going out for under 10 runs with me. Plus, he never ran anything over 12 miles! So his finish in 2:02:59 was absolutely incredible!!! He wanted to come in under 2 hours, but I think his time was extremely impressive!

Curt Hardy, Sheri Edmond, and me at the post-Robie race party - which is always too much fun. Drink too much beer, and not drink enough water. So much fun!

Me and Sheri Edmond. She's so supportive! She loaned me her Garmin for the race, and she was the first person I saw as I crossed the finish line. Big hugs to Sheri!

Me and Greg after completing the Race to Robie Creek -sharing our experiences. It was so much fun to hear what Greg thought of the race. It was his 1st race and it was his first time running Robie so I was very curious what he thought of all of it. We're both very happy the race is over, and very happy with our times.

Greg came in at 2:02:59, and I finished at 1:53:57. Woo Us!!

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