Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moab Swag

Here's my Moab swag: a t-shirt, 3rd place medal and really cool race number. T-shirt says 24 hours but I only did 12 hours - apparently one t-shirt for both events. Unfortunately the t-shirt is a little too big to wear - but I think attaining the goal and getting the t-shirt is maybe worthy of getting it tailored to fit me :) I'm actually pretty proud of it so maybe....

When you race, you receive a race number on some unknown type of crinkly paper that you know is attached to your shorts for the first few miles of your race because it's noisy and uncomfortable. I always ask myself, where do I put this so that it doesn't annoy me? So, I was super excited to see my race number for Moab 12/24 race! The number is CLOTH and includes my number as well as my team name (even though I ran solo), DirtyAnkles! How cool is that!!!

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