Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ready to Run!

It's been 9 days since I ran the Moab 12 Hour, 53.7 mile race. During this time, I returned to my regular weekly CrossFit routine: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I didn't run over the weekend, heck- I didn't even think about it! Instead, I went snowboarding Saturday morning, and skiing Saturday afternoon.

Today is the first day I actually felt like running - even though my body has probably been ready for it for several days. My goal was just to really get my legs out there and see how I felt doing it, and especially to check on my left knee.

Overall I felt great running but my left knee was giving me problems on my downhill. So I'm unhappy with that. So I'm going to focus on proper use of my core - engaging my hollow body (for example, when you lie flat on the ground and lift your legs and shoulders and arms, so that only your back and butt are on the ground. If you are doing it correctly, your stomach should become hard and it should be difficult.) - to help take the strain off the troublesome threesome, hips/IT band/knee. Hopefully that will do the trick so I can run downhill without problems!

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