Thursday, March 25, 2010

Electrolyte Water

I've tried all sorts of electrolyte waters. The flavored waters are super sweet, and the ones without flavors, taste "thick" and yucky. I find it very difficult to even drink this kind of water. But the worst is this water does not stay in my body!! I've been very scared as endurance sites highly recommend some kind of electrolyte water for overall body health - and sodium is extremely important. Ugh! So, I had succumbed to the idea that I will drink just plain old water and get my minerals from my food. However, I discovered that I've been drinking (for years) Smart Water (SW). SW is in fact a vapor distilled water with electrolytes!! SW does not contain the levels of electrolytes that the sports drinks have but it has some, and does not include sodium. No problem - my sodium will come from other sources!

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