Friday, March 19, 2010

12 Hour Moab!

When looking for my first 50 mile run, this is the perfect run -- or so I think ;)

At first what made this run so intriguing was that it is within driving distance - a mere 10-11 hours drive away. Because it's so close, Moab has similar weather with only a slightly greater elevation.

What also made this so intriguing is that it is a loop of 5.37 miles. Since this is my first 50 mile run, I have no idea how I will do. A loop offers safety. If I were on an out-n-back, it is a much bigger deal if something goes wrong; plus I have such a hard time with nausea that carrying enough food to last 10-12 hours would add more weight to my pack that I really don't want. After each loop, I will check in with Greg - evaluate hydration and nutrition, and have a second opinion on my physical and mental state. Greg will also be there for what is most important - words of inspiration when I feel like (but won't!) give up before meeting my goal!

My legs are strong enough to go 53.7 miles -- but am I mentally strong enough?

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