Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 Week Away

It's only 1 week away - my big 53.7 mile race! Last week I was nervous, felt unprepared and unable to run. Today, I feel more confident.

I am working on strategy for each lap and overall run goals. Strategy includes best and worst case scenarios for pace per lap, rest time, nutrition, etc.

Scenarios: 1) Best case scenario is I run a consistent 10 minute pace, giving me about 5 minutes rest/stretch and sign-in time between each lap. This would provide me a little less than 1 hour per lap -- giving me plenty of time to complete my race in less than the 12 hour time cut-off period. This would be great! 2) Less than best case scenario is I run a consistent 11 minute pace. This would give me under 1 minute to rest/stretch for the 1 hour per lap. This would not be optimal but still - even if I took 5 minutes rest/stretch time, I could still complete the race in under 12 hours. 3) Another less than best case scenario is I run an average 12 minute pace. This would give me 1.05 to complete each lap. I could still finish the race, but very little time for rest/stretch in between laps. 4) At a 13 minute pace, it would be hard to finish 53.7 miles in 12 hours. 5) Worst case scenario is that I don't finish due to injury or health reasons.

How I feel physically? My legs are sore -- likely from accumulated running, although the last long runs I did was 3/5 and 3/6 -- accumulated to 48 miles. This weekend was supposed to be my final 1 mile runs - 1 on Friday and 1 Saturday. Yesterday's run was good in that it was great to be out there for only 1 hour; but I felt my hip and hamstring and a little tweakiness in my left knee. Should I run today? I'm not sure it really matters as far as my endurance goes - and at this point it may just hurt me. So.... I may just walk today to stretch my legs.

I'm taking control of this run now. I am thinking more positively. 10 rounds of 5.37 miles for time. I will finish.

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