Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 Days to Go to Dial in My Run Nutrition!

My run is 4 days away. I'm super excited with just a bit of nervousness.

I am finally calm about my training -- which is really great. I've been so nervous wondering if I've done enough. I am no longer questioning my training, or lack thereof. I know I will do what I can do -- and there is nothing else I can do at this point.

I am nervous about my nutrition. Just day to day my stomach gets upset on a regular basis so nutrition while running has always been a little more difficult than most runners I know. Lately, even my nutrition on my shorter runs, 1-3 hours has been sketch.

I am focusing today on nutrition. My plan is to carry rolaids tabs with me -- enough to last the entire run! I have to intake 250 calories per hour. I will have my own table full of various foods including: potatoes, boiled eggs, a mix of bananas w/ protein powder glucose and almond butter, yummy Avacado potato chips, vegetable soup, various protein bars, mix of applesauce glucose and protein powder. And for those loops that I can't even think of eating - I have fully charged Coca Cola and 7-up (something I never drink!). What else could possible sit in my stomach without much trouble? I'm still researching!

I can tell you what I'm having after my run - Champagne!!!!

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