Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cleaning Up My Act

Cleaning Up My Food

In general, I eat *clean* - meaning no wheat, grains, dairy, sugar. I occasionally have beer and mangos - not together but both very yummy!

Over the past week + I've prepared for my race by eliminating beer, mangos, and my coffee intake to 2 cups a day. Plus, I've been eating super clean.

Now that I'm a few days from my run I'm eliminating wine! Along with eating super clean and with no alcohol in my system - I'm expecting my body will run to the end of the race in record time just so I can have a beer, eat some mangos, and drink some wine :)

Thoroughly Hydrating

I'm drinking 24-32oz water x 4/day. I'm getting super hydrated this week.

Vitamin Ready

I've been dedicated to taking my vitamins every day after breakfast. My vitamins include: K, D, E, C, B, Cod, Multi, Flax, Selenium, Magnesium, Fish Oil.

Loosening Up

I'm big on stretching this week. I also got a massage yesterday to loosen up my hip flexor and went to physical therapy this morning for some more yanking on that hip. I was also given a couple really good stretches for my hip that I'll be doing a couple times a day until race day.

I am also on a regular regimen of ibuprofen until race day.

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