Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polecat Gulch 12 Hour Trail Event

On Saturday, June 4th, Greg and I participated in a 12 hour event held at Polecat Gulch trail in Boise. This particular trail is a 6 (or 6.1) mile loop. The goal was to see how many 6 mile laps you can do in 12 hours. There was a running division, a biathlon division for those that choose to mountain bike and run, and then there was the mountain bike division.

Below is a map of the Polecat Gulch trails and the elevation profile for the loop:

Greg and I arrived at the trailhead at about 5:45am. The only one at the trailhead was Dennis, the race organizer. I was a bit worried that we were the only ones participating in the event that day - thankfully I was wrong.

Despite my persistent pleas for Greg to do a run/bike event, or to do the 12 hours of mountain biking, he was just as persistent that he had no desire. He would do a couple laps, but wanted to just be there and be my support for the day. Therefore, Greg had not eaten breakfast so when his stomach began growling, he grabbed from the limited supply of food we brought for the day - a bag of potato chips made with avocado oil.

Without much preparation, I was just ready to get the 12 hour day started!

With a few minutes until 6am, a few of us gathered together for a photo - nothing formal - as you can see there are three checking or setting their Garmins. Within a few minutes, we all geared up and headed out when the event director said "Go"!

I took my iphone with me on the run for a few photos of the trail, but took very few photos.

By 6:15 (after a little bike troubles), Greg was on his bike and hitting the trails! To my surprise, after only a few laps, he decided on a goal - 1 lap per hour for the entire 12 hours!! Woo Hoo!! Thankfully, the night before I had made my own homemade goo (a mix of almond butter, protein powder, glucose, and salt), and subsequently made goo for Greg just in case he decided to bike more than a couple laps -- in fact, I made enough to last him 12 hours even though he had not planned on doing the event :)

I had not been feeling that great running Saturday, and after lap 5 (30 miles), I took an extended break for additional stretching and nutrition. I even contemplated stopping after 30 miles. But feeling refreshed after the break, I threw more water into my camelsback and headed out. I am glad I did!

Here I am coming in at Lap #8.

Feeling good, I decided to run 1 more lap.

After 12 hours of effort, I completed 54 miles. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to get in 10 laps, for a total of 60 miles, but it just wasn't my day. But Greg - wow - he did awesome not having prepared for this event at all! He biked 12 laps for a total of 72 miles!!

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